Sermon Series – Practical Theology

The Bible teaches that Christians are redeemed by God, through Jesus, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Jesus left the comforts of heaven and lived amongst normal people, like us, ultimately dying for the sins of believers and resurrecting three days later.

Although this is true, we admit it’s often challenging to live out and understand these truths day-to-day. How should we live in light of Jesus’ gospel message? Does our theology, what we believe about God, influence our work, hobbies, relationships, and finances?

For eight weeks this summer, the West congregation will be doing a series titled Practical Theology. We desire to see the gospel transform every part of life, not just what we do on Sunday mornings. We want to help make this a reality in your life. If you have a specific question about Christianity, and would like it to be considered for discussion during this series, go to

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Wes Thompson
Lead Pastor at Veritas West