The Work Continues – Meet Hari

Veritas Family!

I want to start by thanking you so much for the support you provided my family and I as I was in Nepal. Thank you for your prayers, for keeping up with the blog, and for lightening my wife’s load by providing delicious meals!

I apologize for not providing a post that covered the last week or so of my trip. For the last several days of the trip, I found myself with sketchy internet service; when I got on the plane, all I wanted to do was breathe and rest; and when I got home, normal life took over! Nevertheless, the time has come to make that final post. I’d like to keep it short, as I plan to introduce you to the Sojourn Network-Nepal national partner, Hari Chetri. From now on, Hari will be providing updates via this same blog regarding Veritas and Sojourn relief efforts. Funds have already begun to be channeled to Hari (the fruit of which you will see in his first post), and we hope in the future, to send teams which Hari will lead in this long-term work. To my closing post…

Following our helicopter flight into Upper Rasuwa, and the subsequent nine hour hike out, I was privileged to sit in on some Operation Mobilization (OM) meetings purposed to determine long-term objectives. The OM team was doing a fantastic job—I can only hope that some of the things I said, aided their efforts. Our second trip to Upper Rasuwa ended up being canceled due to the second earthquake. However, OM managed to get a truck load of tarps to a nearby city from which a local pastor made several trips to pick up the tarps and distribute them to the various villages we assessed. It was about this time that I began to seek out national friends and partners, as well as fellow missionaries. To be honest, I struggled for a while that I was no longer directly involved in relief, even feeling guilty about it. However, I quickly saw the need to minister to friends and partners who were physically fine, but emotionally a bit shaken. I spent much time at Abba House, an orphanage to whic­h we’ve been connected for eleven years. And while I trust the Lord used me as an encouragement and comfort, I confess they were equally so to me. Time spent there is always so refreshing—I love them like my family! In addition to my time at Abba House, I was also asked to provide two EQ prep trainings (what I did for schools, businesses, and churches when we lived in Nepal), and was able to have several meetings that will possibly affect Veritas’ future missions work in Nepal and North India. These meetings consisted of planning short-term trips with missionaries we hope to work with, as well as of aiding Hari in further developing his vision and strategy for reaching Kathmandu, and the unreached and unengaged of Nepal and beyond. I am truly blessed to love and be loved by such wonderful people; and I’m excited to see what God has in store for Veritas as we seek in coming months and years to partner with these godly men and women in reaching South Asia with the gospel!

Below are some more pics from the trip. Hope you enjoy them. The final slideshow introduces Hari and his family. Keep your eye open for his first post-—it should come almost immediately after this one.

More pics from Upper Rasuwa highlighting OM early relief efforts:
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Damaged buildings in Upper Rasuwa.
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My good friend and partner, Hari Chetri and his beautiful family.
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