Cross-Cultural Missions Q & A

Veritas was planted to be a church that was on mission. We long to preach the gospel to the lost and reach people who are far from Christ. While that was so much in our DNA while planting, we prayed from the beginning that God would lead us to be a church that also reaches cross-culturally and internationally. Over the past year and a half, we’ve seen God do an incredible stirring of raising up that passion within our people, a greater and deeper sense of going to the nations and preaching the gospel to the lost cross-culturally.

Contents from Video

  • 00:49:00 – Why is it important for the church to be involved in cross-cultural missions?
  • 01:35:00 – Shouldn’t we focus on what’s happening here, locally?
  • 02:29:00 – What is Veritas doing cross-culturally, locally and overseas?
  • 05:05:00 – Are short terms trips strategic or wasteful?
  • 06:49:00 – Is language a barrier on short term trips?
  • 09:55:00 – Could someone be going on a missions trip with bad motivations?
  • 12:16:00 – What about people who can’t go overseas because of other committments?
  • 13:07:00 – Does the Bible command Christians to do cross-cultural missions?

Audio Answers from Video

“When it comes to cross-cultural missions, there’s something for everybody to be doing. The question is not ‘Should I be involved?’ but ‘What’s my part?’ – Matt Hamilton

“Every single person who believes in Christ should deeply and passionately care about the salvation of the lost, the exaltation of Jesus among every ethnic group and nation on the planet. Ultimately that’s why we’re here. That’s why he called us as a church. That’s the mission he’s give us.” – Brad Snyder