What Do You Believe about God?

There’s a question that I love to ask people. While the subject of the question changes each time, the format is the same. It always starts: what comes to mind when you hear the word…” and then I add the subject. Now the subject could be something simple, something complex, it can be sports, music, people, the situation, space, anything, you take your pick. Whatever that topic is, and whenever it’s mentioned, immediately thoughts and images and sounds, and emotions come to mind. Some of those thoughts, memories, and emotions are good. Some of them are not. They’re painful. Some of them are beautiful and some of them are things that we wish we could bury in the deepest darkest pit never to be found again. And so the question I have for you today is, what comes to mind when you hear the word “God”? Now make note of what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling right now. What images are coming to mind? What voices are you hearing either from your present life or from your life in the past? And what are they saying about God? This is your theology.

Sounds like a big word, but in simple terms theology is whatever you believe about God. Whether we realize it or not, everybody has a theology. The problem is that we don’t always think or believe rightly about God. Many times we don’t have solid information to be able to form an opinion about Him and our beliefs about God are really most often shaped by what we’ve heard from other people, what we’ve experienced in our lives, or what we see or hear in movies and music, other inputs. There’s alway something that’s coming into our lives that shapes or shifts our perception of who God is? So the question that I have for you today is, “Are you willing to invest in actual study about what God has to say about himself—the truth about who God is, from his very own words in the Bible? So that you can form a well-informed belief about God. The Bible says that all Scripture is breathed out by God. That’s why we study the Bible, so that we can learn what God likes, what he desires, learn his character, learn his capabilities, we can learn from the Bible what God thinks about us and how he feels about us when we question him for why does what he does, when we disagree with him, when we ignore him, when we reject him, and especially when we ask forgiveness from him.

So I invite you to come join with us, either to begin or to continue your study about who God is. We want you to have a well-informed theology so you can know what you believe about God and why you believe it.