Momentum Gardens and Milo-Grogan Green Space

Even though Veritas Short North is based in the city, or maybe especially because Veritas Short North is based in the city, there are many folks around here who care about gardening, green space, and nutrition (typical hipsters). It’s always a gift to realize how restoring a trashy back lot into a beautiful mini-park reminds us of God at work in our hearts, restoring and renewing.

This year we have two specific on-ramps that I’d like to point you to:

Momentum Gardens

We’ve been working these past two years to redeem the empty lot behind Veritas into a beautiful green space for the neighborhood. At this point in time, Momentum Gardens has picnic tables, a pergola, six raised beds, green grass, murals, a compost bin, and much more. Wondering how to get involved? Here are two ways:

  1. Claim a raised bed to grow vegetables for you and/or your family this summer. You’d be responsible for providing the seeds, planting, weekly upkeep, and harvesting. We’ll give you a handbook with instructions and it’s all yours.
  2. Join the core team who will be meeting throughout each month to do up-keep and new projects at Momentum. We’ll be installing rain barrels, continuing work on the mural, building more benches, and other creative projects. The team could also use a communications point person to handle emails and our Instagram account.

Milo-Grogan Green Space

This past year, Cultivate CDC worked with the Milo-Grogan Civic Association to write a grant to the United Way for additional beautification efforts in the neighborhood. We received the Ready To Grow grant of a few thousand dollars mid-summer and by the end of the fall, we had also acquired an empty lot from the City of Columbus. Welcome to the Milo-Grogan Green Space. So far, we’ve cleared out the lot, planted trees, bushes, built an herb spiral, and three raised beds. Our plans, however, are much more expansive (see photo below)! Some projects can be done by individuals with a skill set/passion. We are also planning to have bi-weekly work days over the summer, working side-by-side with neighbors on larger projects in the green space. The best way to get involved is to sign-up for email notifications, send me an email, and then show up at a work day.

To participate in any of this, send an email/text/call, 814-233-7408.