Sinking Deep Roots

Over the past 5 years Veritas Tri-Village has been blessed to call Barrington Elementary Home. It has been a great place for us to plant and become a church family. Looking through some old pictures you’d see 4 rows of chairs and two classrooms for the children ministry! Obviously since those early days, things have changed. We now have more people serving in our worship, kids, and connect teams than we had attending when we launched! As many of you have reached out to your coworkers and neighbors, God has added to our number, in fact, through this year we now average well over 300 on a Sunday morning and have had one gathering wth over 400 people, including over 130 kids! We thank God for growing his church, and this blessing brings with it a future transition: we are outgrowing Barrington. As hard as it has been to set up and tear down each week, we are thankful for the way gathering in a school has shaped the culture of Veritas Tri-Village. You are a humble, serving, flexible, and patient people who love each other and Jesus, far more than you love your own convenience; and we as your elders pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to work that fruit into our lives no matter where we gather together to worship.

Conservatively estimating our growth, from what has been normal over the past few years, we will no longer fit in Barrington by the end of this year. So seeking to prepare for that, we’ve started the process of finding a more permanent space to gather, worship, and serve our community from. We look forward to sinking deep roots into our context here at Tri-Village and Northwest Columbus, and while our mission and ministry will never center on a building, we recognize that having a space to call home will allow us to continue to grow, to further develop our children’s and family ministry, to offer evangelistic and discipleship classes from, and to serve the poor and the foreigner from.

We’ve been in prayer about where God is calling us to be as a congregation; we have taken a lot of consideration on where you all live and are coming from, and where God is leading us to reach and to serve. And currently feel led to seek a space that is west of 315, inside 270, and south of 161. However, that area is also among the hardest areas in the city to find and purchase real estate!

Essentially, we are looking for a space that is about 15,000 square feet in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the city; we won’t be able to buy land and build, or find a space and then start the process of raising the finances. When something becomes available, we will have to be able to jump on it immediately! This is a huge step of faith, but it is one the the elders and members have affirmed, and we believe that God is leading us in this.

At this point as I said a couple of weeks ago, we aren’t planning to do a big building campaign, or start talking about the building each week. We are simply calling our members and attenders to pray and to start giving sacrificially because we won’t be able to move on a building space until we have the money to make a serious offer. Some encouraging news is that we already have over $80,000 toward our $400,000 goal from our building savings. So looking forward this is what we need:

  • 2 gifts of $20,000
  • 10 gifts of $10,000
  • 15 gifts of $5,000
  • 20 gifts of $2,500
  • 40 gifts of $1,000
  • 25 gifts of $500
  • and 20 gifts of $100

Will you pray and give as you are able one of these amounts? These could be one time donations, they could be spread out over the next few months or you could chose to multiple gifts through out the process.

This is an exciting moment for us as church at Veritas, not just at Tri-Village, but your brothers and sisters at the Short North, East, and West are in this with you! So please pray and give, and lets worship our God who continues to provide and bless us more than we could have imagined just 5 short years ago! If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to contact us.

With Love,

Your Elders: Brad Snyder, Dan Harless, and Jeremy Hart