The Many Ways Churches Are Organized

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Have you ever noticed how complicated the word “church” can be? Everyone has different ideas about it, but for the most part, churches are communities of people who believe Jesus is their Lord and Savior.

But you’ve probably noticed that the way churches are structured can look really different! Some of the oldest examples are the Catholic church, Eastern Orthodox Church, the Anglican Communion, Assyrian Church of the East, and Oriental Orthodoxy.

Then, after the reformation, a movement of protestant communities that became denominations. Networks. Church plants. And of course parachurch organizations. Christians gather in so many different ways!

Well at Veritas, we want to make sure you know how our leadership is organizing and mobilizing those of you who call Veritas home.

Veritas is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, a denomination known for equipping and sending missionaries throughout the world.

We’re also a part of what’s called the “Sojourn Network,” a network we have been a part of since its beginnings almost ten years ago. The “Sojourn Network” helps pastors plant, grow, and multiply healthy churches that last. Our pastors have been very blessed by the coaching and leadership that’s happened through the Sojourn Network.
With regards to how church community is organized, another important thing to know about Veritas is that we’re a multi-congregational church.

It may seem that multi-congregational churches are a recent fad, but in fact we have many examples that have been around long enough that we can take a close look at the various models to know the benefits and challenges that each model faces.

There are many types of multi-site churches. Veritas doesn’t exactly fit any one type of popular model. When it comes to how our budget operates, how resources are shared, and how decisions are made, we differ from churches were often compared to. You’ll hear more details about that this summer.

But the big picture idea is this. Veritas isn’t aiming to be a multi-congregational church. We’re aiming to make disciples by proclaiming the gospel, and we’re simply inspired to believe we can make God’s kingdom more visible when church bodies work together.