Care Teams.

for Foster and Adopting Families

The goal of our foster and adoption “care teams” is to provide holistic, wrap-around love and support for families who are in the trenches of foster care so they can remain healthy individuals and family units for the long run.

We’re especially trying to identify a team leader for each family. This role will involve a lot of administration and organizing, including regularly/weekly check-ins with the family, recruiting team members, and coordinating other team members to help meet needs. Church, please pray and seek the Lord to see if He’s calling you to support the Body and be obedient to the call to care for vulnerable children and orphans in this way, and if you’re interested, please contact Amy Gingerich.

Scroll down to read about the roles you could play on a care team.

Care Team Roles

Team Leader

Keeps the care team cohesive by connecting with the foster family weekly and encouraging the care team.

Child Mentor

Provides mentoring, tutoring, and transportation for the foster child.

Foster Family

Opens their heart and home to care for a foster child.

Family Helper

Provides meals, housekeeping, and support for the foster family.

Alternate Caregiver

The alternate caregiver provides regular babysitting for the foster family.

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