Advent 2019.

Advent Study Guide

by Megan Blum

Throughout the season of Advent, Veritas will be preaching through John 1:1-18. We’ll be looking at the One who came to be with us and to be our Light. This prayer guide will help you pray through these verses day by day to help them sink in, to help the season of Advent sink in. Advent is part of the global church calendar, starting December 1st and ending December 24th. Advent means “coming”, so it’s the season where we focus on the first coming of Christ to worship and remember, so we can wait eagerly for the second coming of Christ. Looking back at who Christ is and how He has come to us in the flesh can help sustain us and grow our intimacy with Him as we long for Him to come back to earth and make all things right. Our prayer is that this will help you see and adore who God is through this prayer guide and that it would stir up eager anticipation to see His face in His second coming.

This time of the year can become so busy, full of wonderful things, but as a church we’re going to take a few minutes each day to slow down, to savor the season, to savor Christ so we can celebrate Christmas with our hearts full of wonder and unshakeable joy. This prayer guide is designed to meet you where ever you are on your journey in prayer. It can take a few minutes or you can use it as a jumping off point for a long conversation with God. It doesn’t matter how long you pray, it’s simply about being with your God. He has already invited you into His Presence, in fact He loves spending time with you. So you can trust that God will meet you in prayer. As you begin, remember that prayer is simply being with God and talking to Him. He has invited you in just as you are, right now, today.

Throughout this prayer guide, you’ll find that most days are for personal prayer between you and God. However, each week includes one day that is meant for you to pray through on your own and then to pray through and discuss with your Community Group. If you’re not part of a Community Group, give a nearby group a try this month! Veritas Community Groups are on various nights of the week, so feel free to jump ahead to the day noted “For both Personal Prayer and Community Groups” on the day your group meets.

Enjoy your time with God this Advent season.

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