God With Us 2021


Day 1

A story of how a young healthy man was drawn into a deeper dependence on God following aggressive chemotherapy and surgery to combat life threatening cancer.

Day 2

Motherhood is not what Emily Billings expected. In this written piece, Emily spills her heart to share the joys and pains of raising a son with autism. She reflects on God’s promises, inviting us to let go of the lives we wish we had to embrace the God who is with us.


Day 3

Day 4

Anthony and Kristen Miele returned to the United States in summer of 2021 after serving more than two years in Balfate, Colón, Honduras where Anthony was a physician with Hospital Loma de Luz and Kristen taught health classes through their Children’s Home and bilingual school. In a season of uncertainty about their next steps, Kristen reflects on God’s presence and promises.


Day 5

Liz Cuffman
After stiff-arming God to preserve an ungodly dating relationship, God was faithful to gently and patiently restore his relationship with Liz following the breakup.

Day 6

A family of ours living in Turkey grounded their sense of security in God during a 6.8 magnitude earthquake that struck just outside their city in January 2020.

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Day 7

Lauren Raper
A story of how shortly after becoming the church’s worship director, the effects of past trauma resurfaced. God’s healing hand transformed her anxiety and despair into confidence and joy.

Day 8

Guided Reflection

Day 9

Andrew Tate
After losing his job, Andrew experienced the loss of loved ones back-to-back and underwent a major operation. In the middle of it, Andrew found himself clinging to an eternal hope that restored his joy.

Day 10

Jeff & Josie
While living overseas, Jeff and Josie fell victim to a local governor’s menacing tactics after locals turned to Christ.

Day 11

After falling victim to a governor’s menacing tactics, Jeff and Josie trusted drew near to God, who would delightfully surprise them with deliverance beyond what they could have imagined.

Day 12

In less than two weeks, our advent stories have taken us from a hospital room here in in Columbus to a jail in the deserts of North Africa. We read how God guarded a mom from bitterness and instead gave her joy. We watched how a worship director’s anxiety-laden trauma response was transformed into praise. We got caught up in an earthquake, a hijacking, and an idol-crushing breakup. We watched a man clinging to eternal hope in the midst of serial hardship and a missionary placing her trust in God’s promises while uncertain of her family’s next steps.

Take time today to catch up on a story you missed.

Day 13

As the Ollers entered the empty nesting phase of their life, they rediscovered the beauty of God’s presence and their identity as His children.

Day 14

A friend’s three year old daughter proclaimed a beautiful truth about God’s character in the wake of an unthinkable tragedy, the loss of her baby brother.

Day 15

Guided Reflection

Day 16

As Andrew and Sarah Gyde prepare to work for a Wycliffe, a bible-translating organization, they reflect on how God wants to be known all over the world.

Day 17

God showed André GRACE and LOVE in the midst of a mental health battle.

Day 18

Austin Prokup reconciles his theological ambition to KNOW God with the call to bear his image with Christlikeness.


Day 19

Derek Nicol shares a light-hearted story about a time he fought sewage back-flow into his basement.


Day 20

Gwen invites us into a heartfelt vision for neighborly service that conveys the welcoming love of God.

Day 21

After leaving the army, Devon needed more than rehab from addiction and trauma. He needed a Savior to change his heart. God met him in The Refuge, a Christian inpatient drug rehab ministry for men struggling with drug addiction.

Day 22

Guided Reflection Day 22

Day 23

In conclusion to our advent series, Dan Harless talks about the importance of reading the Bible and hearing the Holy Spirit to notice how God is working in our lives. When we look at our lives through the eyes of faith, we see a whole new perspective on how God is the storyteller and Jesus is the main character of all our stories. We can then share our stories to build up others and encourage them in their faith all while glorifying God!

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