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Andrew and Sarah Gyde, along with their two sons, are in the process of joining Wycliffe, an organization that helps people around the world translate the Bible into their own languages.

The transition could take years. Andrew has recently left his full-time job so he can finish seminary. He’s already applied and been accepted into his job position as a translation consultant with Wycliffe. Their next step is to apply as a family to be sent overseas where they will undergo three years of training.

Wycliffe believes that Bible translation is most transformational as a locally led, sustainable ministry of the church. Wycliffe USA serves together with churches and Bible translation organizations around the world so that local churches have Scripture and other resources to meet their spiritual needs, along with the capacity to continue to meet those growing needs in the future.

How you can pray for the Gydes:

  • Pray for their faithfulness to this plan and that they’d grow in their love for God’s word.
  • Pray that they would use this time well to serve and make disciples here in Columbus and also wherever they go, even beyond the specific job roles they are in.
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