Olivia Armas

Viewing for Olivia Armas

Sunday, April 11
Veritas Short North, 345 E 2nd Ave

There is no registration for the viewing, but please register to join us in-person at the funeral.

Funeral for Olivia Armas

Monday, April 12
Funeral Service: 1:00pm (Register Now)
Graveside: 2:30pm
Light meal: 3:30pm
Veritas Short North, 345 E 2nd Ave

Register to Join the Funeral In-Person
Livestream on YouTube (English)
Livestream on YouTube (Spanish)
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In lieu of flowers, please support Rachel and Antonio with financial assistance to help offset the cost of significant expenses and allow them the space they need to grieve. This fund will assist with funeral costs, cover expenses for Antonio’s parents to travel from Venezuela, and support the Armas’s ongoing emotional, physical, and spiritual care. It will also help cover Christian counseling and other medical expenses not typically covered by insurance.

Support Rachel and Antonio

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