In this Advent series we are going to see how the first three kings of the Nation Israel point us to Behold our King, Jesus Christ!

Other Sermons


Date Title Scripture Preacher Sermon
December 27, 2020Already Not Yet KingdomLuke 17:20-21Ryan CoholichListen
December 20, 2020War or Worship?Matthew 2:1-12Phil ShimerListen
December 20, 2020Behold! King JesusMatthew 2:1-12Joe BylerListen
December 20, 2020Behold King JesusMatthew 1:18-2:12Brad SnyderListen
December 13, 2020Wisdom that Worships2 Samuel 7:12-17Phil ShimerListen
December 7, 2020David and David’s Greater Son1 Samuel Brad SnyderListen
November 29, 2020Saul: The First King of Israel1 Samuel 8:4-9Joe BylerListen
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