Building Use

If you are a pastor, deacon, ministry leader, or staff at Veritas Community Church, and you are reserving a Veritas building for the purposes of carrying out a Veritas-sanctioned ministry, then please utilize Planning Center’s “Resources” feature to reserve the building by following the steps below.

How To Reserve The Building

  1. Get approval for your event from your congregation’s lead pastor. Before you make the reservation, he should know that you are holding the event and when you are planning to hold the event.
  2. Log on to Planning Center – Resources. If you are not able to view the “Resources” feature, contact Derek Nicol to ensure you have proper privileges.
    • The first thing you’ll see is a calendar and reservation blocks. The calendar will show events happening at all buildings.
    • Click on the “Filters” option and choose the location where you wish to hold your event. This will filter out all events that aren’t happening at your building.
  3. Check if the building is available for your event at the time you want it. Click on the date of interest on the calendar. Then, by clicking on one of the reservation blocks, you can see the details for that reservation.
  4. Begin creating your event by clicking the “New Event” button and adding the requested details.
    • In the “Tags” section you are required to choose the congregation where your event will be held and the type of event you are holding.
    • If you are a tenant at one of the Veritas locations you should choose your organization name under “Event Type.” If you are not a tenant this means you are a pastor, deacon, ministry leader, or staff member and should therefore select “Veritas.”
  5. Click “Create & Edit Event,” which will take you to a page where you can add rooms and resources. Be sure to add all rooms and resources (including number of tables, chairs, etc.) you anticipate using. Once finished you’ll click “Save changes to this date…”
  6. Your event will be sent to the congregation’s building use administrator, who will approve or decline your event. You will receive an email notifying you of the approval or denial. Note that your event is not official until it has been approved.
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