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The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit: Series 2

A class hosted by the Short North congregation

Series 2

Part 1: April 6, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Part 2: April 13, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Part 3: April 20, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Series 2 of the Holy Spirit Class focuses on the healing ministry of the Holy Spirit. There can be many hesitancies to engagement with the Holy Spirit due to misperceptions, negative experiences or a lack of knowledge concerning the spiritual dynamics of healing. This series will go over our role and God’s heart towards healing, different types of healing, and how to pray for each type.

This class is only for those who took the first series.


Class on Biblical Justice

Class on Biblical Justice

This class was hosted by the Tri-City congregation in the fall of 2020. It was recorded and is open to anyone for replay.


Classes Offered in the Past

Some of these classes (such as marriage classes) reoccur regularly. Some were offered one time. Contact us to inquire about any specific class and to find out if/when we’re offering it again.

Marriage Rings

Marriage Class

This series of classes is not just for engaged couples but also married couples wanting a better, Christ-centered marriage. The classes focus on the theology and purpose of marriage, communication, money, biblical roles, intimacy and sex.


Advocates Training

Veritas is a place for the broken, the poor, and the down-trodden. We want to pursue relationships with those who may allow cultural barriers (like homelessness and extreme poverty) to keep them from being a part of the church body. Veritas Advocates is a program that matches an individual struggling with chronic poverty and/or homelessness with an intentional friend.

She Has A Name: Anti Human-Trafficking Training

These quarterly classes offer a gospel-centered framework to understand human trafficking and how to serve survivors. This series includes introduction to human trafficking, victim care, mentoring, demand reduction, and job readiness for survivors. This class is for everyone who is interested in serving with She Has A Name or one of our partner organizations in Columbus.

Mercy & Community Development

Who are the poor and broken around us? What should mercy work look like in our neighborhoods? We’ll be discussing our theology of mercy, our core convictions as we serve, and why we believe community development is the way to go. This class will build a solid foundation and framework for anyone who has served or who is interested in serving with Veritas Mercy.

Gospel Parenting

In this three week class, we will examine God’s vision for parenting and how the gospel speaks into our lives as parents charged by God to care for His children. We will examine the scriptures to see God’s plan for our families, discuss gospel-centered practices, and build a parental community that supports one another and speaks the gospel into each other’s lives.

Finances & The Gospel

“Finances and the Gospel” examines the link between our wallet and our walk. We will look at what the Bible says about money, our desire and need for it, and how money can become an idol. We will examine how the early church dealt with money and the call to steward money well.

Spiritual Disciplines

This Veritas Learning Elective is designed to give an introductory overview of the dynamics involved in the formation of mature character in the life of the Christian. This course will help students: 1) Develop a theological approach to spiritual growth and renewal (Sanctification); and, 2) Experience the transforming power of the gospel through applying theological truths related to the Gospel of God’s grace to their lives and ministries.

How Christ Changes Us

“How Christ Changes Us” will cover the transforming power of the gospel by looking at past, present, and future grace. We will look at the biblical pattern of personal heart change, helping others change, and resolving conflicts biblically. Over the course of 3-weeks, we will have a teaching time, two testimonies, homework, and a real world case study each week to apply these truths.

The Book of Acts

In the gospel of John, Jesus says to his disciples, “it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you.” How could it be better for us that Jesus would go? In this 3 week survey, we will look into the birth of the church, the grace of the gospel, and the ministry of the church to reach the ends of the earth.

Worship, Gathering and the Arts

This class will look at the purpose of the church as it gathers for worship–our liturgy: why we have it, what shapes it, and what it accomplishes. We will dive into the world of art and expression and how a gospel understanding of worship shapes our art. This class will benefit everyone–as we are all worshippers–but will be especially helpful to those involved with or engaging the arts, music, culture, our worship gatherings, etc.

Common Life Issues

“Common Life Issues” is a class that will walk through how the Gospel applies to three common struggles people face today: depression, anxiety, and anger. We will learn what God has to say about each of these from His Word and see the hope He offers in Christ to overcome them. This 3-week class will include devotionals, teaching, testimonies, and real-word scenarios to apply the truths we’ve seen in God’s Word.

Community Group Leader Bootcamp

Are you a current Community Group leader? Are you someone who is considering leading a Community Group in the future and wants to hear more about what that looks like? This is for you. We’ll walk through the theology and practice of community group’s so that you will be equipped to lead well.

Theology of Intimacy and Sex

Sex is the most intimate act two people can engage in. It is also something that causes conflict, frustration, and even confusion in marriages. If your marriage has some struggles in this area you are not alone. What we want to do in this class is to talk about how sex and intimacy fit into how God has organized the world. We’ll also talk about how you can grow in your intimacy with your spouse. This class is for married couples only.

Seeing Jesus in the Prophets
for women only

The Prophetic books of the bible can seem like a struggle to understand and comprehend. What are the Prophetic Books? What was the culture like in that time? Where can I find Jesus in these books? These are just a few questions we are going to tackle as we walk through Nancy Guthrie’s “The Word of the Lord, Seeing Jesus in the Prophets” Bible Study.This class is for women only.

Cross-Cultural Disciple-Making

The classes covers the following topics: Missions In The Bible, Missions History, The Missionary Call, Traits Of An Effective Missionary, What Is The Church?, Multiplying Disciples and Churches, and Team And Community In Missions. These classes are required as part of the equipping process for all members desiring to be commissioned and sent out by Veritas as mid to long-term missionaries overseas. The classes are also strongly encouraged for all members planning to do cross-cultural mission work locally via one of Veritas’ Columbus-based mission teams designed to reach unreached/unengaged ethnic groups living in Central Ohio.

Adoption & Foster Care

This is a class on adoption, fostering, kinship care, mentoring, and caring for children who need support. ​On any given day, more than 2,500 children are in the custody of a public agency, placed in foster care settings as they wait for an adoptive family to be their forever home. If you’re interested in finding unique ways to serve the most vulnerable children in our neighborhood, this class is for you. You’ll hear personal stories from kids in the foster care system, from parents who have adopted, and from families in the midst of foster care.

Theology of Suffering

Have you experienced suffering, pain, loss, abandonment? Have you walked with someone through deep suffering? In this three week class we will be taking a close look at suffering. Both what the God has to say about it–His promise and presence in it–and how to walk through it as a sufferer and a friend of a sufferer.

Creation Care

Have you ever wondered what we’re supposed to do with all the stuff in the world that’s not…us? In this class, we will look closely at what the Bible says about how God relates to His creation, how people should relate to God’s creation, and what all of this has to do with the gospel. Along the way, we will engage with current environmental issues and attempt to work out practical opportunities for creation care in our own lives.

Biblical Evangelism

The calling to go and share the good news is for every single follower of Christ. So, why does it feel so difficult to share? Why is it so much easier to have small talk with your neighbor or co-worker when you have this astonishing good news tucked away in your heart? As a way to grow and become more equipped in this calling, we are offering this class that will walk through the “why” and “how” of sharing the gospel with others.

Soul Care Basics

We want to be a church that lives out the call to bear one another’s burdens and care for each other in the midst of real life. How do we live side by side with one another in community? What does it look like to move towards one another, especially when we are struggling through sin and suffering, to care for each other’s souls? We will dig into the basics of what gospel-centered care for one another looks like.

How to Read Your Bible: Basic Hermeneutical Principles

The Bible can, seemingly, be full of strange, disjointed stories (like talking donkeys, splitting open seas, and the sun standing still for an entire day). But, because God is a loving God who longs for us to be in relationship with him, he has been teaching his people how to read his word for thousands of years. If we learn what questions to ask, the historical context behind different passages, and how to lean on the good work of church history, we will find that the Bible is a wildly transformational book, full of wisdom and driven by God’s great love for us.

Stephen’s Speech:
Acts 6-7
Five Week Bible Study

In Acts 6 and 7 we are introduced to an ordinary but faithful man who was filled with the Holy Spirit. When adversity and persecution come calling he responds with the longest sermon recorded in the book of Acts, recounting the history of Israel and proclaiming that Jesus is the fulfillment of all the promises God made to and through his people in the Old Testament. Join us as we spend five weeks studying the speech Stephen gave just before he was martyred. From his words we will learn the history of God’s promises to Israel, how Jesus fulfills them all, and what it means to be an ordinary Christian whom God uses to passionately proclaim his good news to all the world.

1 Samuel

Please join us for our Bible study of 1 Samuel: A King Unlike the Nations (written and published by The Village Church Institute). This will be an opportunity for us to witness first hand that we are not the first of God’s people to suffer under the pain of pandemics and power struggles in a broken world. In our study of 1 Samuel we will discover God’s gracious plan to send to his people a king, who is unlike the surrounding nations, to mend this broken world and rule over it with righteousness and peace.


We will be working through Tim Chester’s “Exodus: Liberating Love” We chose Exodus as the concurrent sermon series takes us through the book of Hebrews. This book of the Bible is full of old Testament quotes and allusions. Working through some of the imagery that the sermon texts will refer to will help us gain a better understanding of the New Testament passages. Additionally, we’ll get to marvel at God’s continued provision and grace for His people.

Book Studies on Racial Justice

Because of our love for God and his church, we want to continue working through what it means to pursue racial reconciliation from a gospel-centered framework, and we believe these books will help us do that.

Ministry of the Holy Spirit

What is the Holy Spirit and what does the Holy Spirit do? Are these questions you have asked or have ever wondered about? Often, the theology of the Holy Spirit is our least developed. Often, the theology of the Holy spirit is the most divisive and controversial theology we have. So let’s look at how we answer these questions, how we know what to believe, and what is the Holy Spirit doing today.

Spiritual Practices

The Spiritual Practices class is designed to give an introductory overview of the dynamics involved in the formation of mature character in the life of the Christian. This course will be three weeks and will cover the following topics: Inward disciplines such as prayer, meditation, fasting and study. Outward practices such as solitude submission and service. And Corporate practices such as confession, worship, and celebration. Join us if you are interested in learning more about these practices and how you can make them regular rhythms in your life.

2nd Samuel Bible Study

Please join us for our winter Bible Study of 2 Samuel: A King Unlike the Nations. This is a great opportunity to start the new year diving into God’s word with others from our church.

As we study 2 Samuel, we will see we’re not the first people to deal with selfishness, division, family issues and power struggles. But, through all this, we will see how God is unfolding His plan to place a king over his people who would bring peace and unity.

Biblical Justice

In our sinful and broken world, the desire for justice is something everyone longs for. The world responds to injustice with a wide spectrum of explanations and solutions, but what does the Bible have to say about justice? As a community of Christ followers who are formed by the gospel and shaped by his Word, we are offering a class that answers the questions:

  1. What is biblical justice and how does it differ from worldly views?
  2. What are current and historic injustices that we see affecting our world?
  3. How do we, as Christians, respond to injustice?

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Building Relationships through Missional Hospitality

In “Building Relationships through Missional Hospitality” we will discuss the difference between worldly hospitality and biblical hospitality. We’ll cover the following questions: How can Hospitality be missional? Am I called to it? How do I practice hospitality during a pandemic? How do I intentionally build friendships with people that are different than myself. If these are questions you have been wondering about or would like to learn more about then we would love to have you join us.

The Gospel Centered Life: A Class About Core Topics of Christianity

This class is intended to help you understand how the Gospel shapes every aspect of Life. Through the course you will deepen your grasp of the Gospel as you see your need for continual renewal, grow as you experience transformation, and be challenged to develop authentic relationships as the Gospel moves you to love and serve others.

The Story of the Bible: How to Study and Apply it to Your Life

Have you ever felt like God and the Bible are important to you but you feel inadequate in your ability learn more? Maybe you’ve tried to faithfully read the Bible but struggle with its application or have been asked a challenging question regarding your faith but you’re not sure how to go about finding the answer. The Bible can seem out of touch or not applicable to all areas of life. This three week class will teach you how the Bible tells one big story and how you fit into that story, showing you its importance and relevance in your day-to-day life.

Mercy & Justice Class

Here are a few things you can expect to be discussed:

  • How does the Bible speak to the matters of Mercy & Justice?
  • How does the Gospel lead to renewal within our city and our neighborhoods?
  • What are the core convictions Veritas’ holds on how to engage poverty, injustice, and community development in our context?
  • What is Veritas currently doing?
  • How can YOU get involved?
The Caring Community: A Class on Loving the Whole Person

We want to be a church that lives out the call to bear one another’s burdens and care for each other in the midst of real life. How do we live side by side with one another in community? What does it look like to move towards one another, especially when we are struggling through sin and suffering, to care for each other’s souls? We will dig into the basics of what gospel-centered care for one another looks like.

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