Biblical Justice

Hosted by the Tri-City Congregation
Taught by Pastor Jeremy Hart
Recorded in fall of 2020
Available for replay (see below)

In our sinful and broken world, the desire for justice is something everyone longs for. The world responds to injustice with a wide spectrum of explanations and solutions, but what does the Bible have to say about justice? As a community of Christ followers who are formed by the gospel and shaped by his Word, we are offering a class that answers the questions:

  1. What is biblical justice and how does it differ from worldly views?
  2. What are current and historic injustices that we see affecting our world?
  3. How do we, as Christians, respond to injustice?

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Class 1 (October 19th, 2020)
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Class 2 (October 26th, 2020)
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Class 3 (November 2nd, 2020)
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