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Central Communications collaborates with congregations to develop infrastructure and content for congregations to share logistics (what, where, when, how) and messages (purpose, theme, story) with segmented audiences. The infrastructure includes church management systems, distribution channels, technological solutions, workflows that involve best practices, and quality control.

Communication Channels


Email outperforms all other channels of communication. Central Communications regularly maintains five email lists and can segment on congregation, zipcode, gender, age, volunteer status, membership status, and whether or not they’ve taken certain classes. If you want something emailed out to a list of people, send your email to derek.nicol@veritascolumbus.com, indicating your intended audience and when you want it sent. I will regularly report back to you important open and clicking metrics.


We live in a mobile world. Leverage the features on our app to reach people. You can post an event, add a resource, deliver a push notification, or share media. To add something to the app, contact Derek Nicol.
App Notification

Social Media

We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and Soundcloud. All channels are used for slightly different purposes and definitely includes congregation-specific content. Apart from Facebook groups, we do not have social media channels for each congregation. Follow the button below to learn more.
Social Media Protocols


The website is especially for new people. It’s most likely their first impression of Veritas, where they can read or watch stories, read blog posts, our beliefs, or dive into our rhythms. Visitors can listen to sermons and get details about Sunday gatherings or the kids’ ministry. The website can host multiple blogs, authors, and media types. Each congregation has their own page and has the freedom to make it their own. Contact Derek Nicol to suggest edits or major revisions.


Sundays present many opportunities to communicate to the masses. Bulletins, stage announcements, and projection slides are among the main ways people hear about things going on in the church.
Stage Announcement
Projection Slides

Printed Handouts

We can print many things in-house, but for higher-quality printing, we use vendors like Fireball Press or RDesign Printing. The turnaround for most projects with Fireball Press is: submit on Wednesday at 11:00am, pick up Friday at 11:00am. Given the time it takes to prepare a document for printing let me know no later than Monday before the Friday you want to pick those printed documents up. I do make exceptions. I want to be flexible, but I do not make guarantees.

Foundations Book


Use this book for reference. If you keep this book close and refresh yourself with it from time to time, you’ll find yourself enjoying a harmony of values between your ministry and Veritas. Referencing the book regularly ensures there are not competing values growing in our church. Because the ideas presented in this book are foundational to this church, you will never outgrow it.

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Short North Foundations
West Foundations

Evidences of Grace

“Evidences of Grace” are signposts of the work of Jesus in the Veritas Church family. We boast in the Lord and find great joy that we get to be a part of God’s Kingdom work in our neighborhoods and the nations. We have compiled the work of the Lord from 2016 in order to celebrate. Take some time to read, rejoice in the Lord and pray about how you can join the mission as 2017 is another year we can see Christ formed in us.

2014 (PDF)

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