Community Life Pastor.

Tri-Village Congregation

All of ministry is a calling. For some, that is a calling to ministry in their vocation. For others, ministry is their vocation, if only for a season. From the Pastor to the newest of part-time employees, Veritas staff role is a ministry role and is shaped and envisioned to advance the ministry and mission of Veritas Community Church.

Community Life Pastor
for the Tri-Village Congregation

Your ministry description determines the programs, projects, responsibilities and relationships you have ownership over. This document determines the things by which you will be held accountable to on an operational basis. As a foundation to this document you are first accountable to Jesus and his mission, secondly to pursuing your Christian maturity, including regular participation in the Veritas community, exhibiting a growing ability to articulate, live out & teach the mission & vision of Veritas, and a personal commitment to the mission of God in your areas of influence.

CHARACTER: We value healthy faith in God, trust in the gospel, commitment to spiritual disciplines, and healthy family dynamics through:

  • Daily devotional time that includes prayer and God’s Word
  • Seasons of fasting and prayer
  • Faithfully shepherding your family first
  • Commitment to staff community time
  • Commitment to evangelism, discipleship, and regular hospitality to strangers
  • Consistent tithing to Veritas as a way of modeling biblical stewardship
  • Appropriately fulfill the qualifications of an Elder in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

CHEMISTRY: We value living in community with others and working in teams by:

  • Living in deep relationships and community with believers through a community group
  • Being involved in global & local missions
  • Extending grace to others, resolving conflict, and refraining from divisiveness
  • Creating and protecting family margin within ministry
  • Submitting to authority of pastoral leadership

COMPETENCY: We value a strong work ethic, professional development, and apprenticing by:

  • Pursuing opportunities to serve the body even outside your ministry description
  • Functioning as a part of a team, being prompt and prepared for meetings and project deadlines
  • The ability to faithfully and consistently fulfill the expectations described below:

Expectation of Time: 40-45 hours per week
Compensation: Full-Time Salary, Benefits,
Schedule: Flexible Schedule
Direct Supervisor: Brad Snyder, Lead Pastor: Veritas Tri-Village

This position is subject to the Veritas Community Church employee handbook, policies, and procedures.


The overall role of the Community Life Pastor will be to serve, encourage, equip, and lead the Tri-Village (TV) congregation to grow in discipleship through the framework of the Community Groups and Veritas Learning ministries.

This role is TV specific; responsible to lead and oversee the areas of ministry listed below with in the TV congregation. But as a multi-site church, they will also work in collaboration the other congregation leaders/pastors to develop an overall, unifying framework for these ministries for all congregations.

This is accomplished through a focus on developing and shepherding Community Group leaders and leading the church in the vision and health of Community Groups, and biblical discipleship. They will also oversee the structure, schedule and content of the classes within Veritas Learning in addition to a few teaching roles.

This is a pastoral role, so the biblical expectations and qualifications of being a pastor/elder are expected in addition to normal staff requirements and responsibilities. The person serving this role would also be a part of the Tri-Village Elder team and the Full Council of Elders at Veritas which are responsible to lead and serve the church as a whole.

This role will require the following abilities and should have experience and a recognized giftedness to: Shepherd, train, and care pastorally for people. Preach and teach the Bible with a robust gospel centered perspective. Lead and bring people together around a common vision. Develop, equip, and inspire healthy leaders. Work well at collaborating with a team. Build structures and procedures to facilitate healthy management. A detailed description of this role includes the following:

(% = approximate time commitment per week)

Community Groups ~ 50%

This role would work to develop and articulate the vision, purpose, and structure of discipleship within the framework of community groups, train and develop new and existing community group leaders, help groups multiply in healthy ways, and come alongside coaches (Elder team) to assist them in developing coaching relationships, and help new attendees connect with a community group.

  • To keep a unifying framework for Community Groups at Veritas, the TV Community Life Pastor will work in partnership with leaders from all congregations to:
    • Develop an updated CG Leader Handbook that outlines the role of CG leaders and the way CG’s fit within the overall vision of the church
    • Develop a robust assessment and training process for new leaders.
    • Develop a “multiplication vision” to equip CG leaders to raise up leaders and lead their group through healthy multiplication
  • The TV Community Life Pastor will lead and oversee the vision and implementation of Community Groups at the Tri-Village congregation by:
    • Leading and developing 2-3 CG Leader trainings per year during which staff and pastors can encourage and equip CG Leaders
    • Connecting with group leaders as needed for encouragement, development and pastoral support
    • Working specifically with all new leaders/apprentices to assess them and prepare them to lead
    • Working closely with groups in preparation to multiply
    • Developing and overseeing the coaching structure for Group Leaders at TV
    • Working with the Connect Director to develop healthy on-ramps for new attenders to get connected to a group.
    • Leading the staff and pastoral team to continue to define and implement healthy discipleship relationships within the church to supplement community groups

Veritas Learning ~ 30%

The classes offered through Veritas Learning are part of developing and encouraging the people of the church to grow as a disciples of Christ in many areas. These are a significant aspect of developing and equipping disciples and leaders in the home, the church, and the community.

  • This role is focused on TV and classes in and through that congregation, but will work in collaboration with the other Veritas congregations to develop an overall framework for Veritas Learning across all congregations.
    • This would include class development and curriculum writing in connection with leaders from other congregations
  • The TV Community Life pastor is directly responsible to oversee the class schedule for the the Tri-Village congregation by:
    • Working with members, staff, and elder team to determine needs and a potential teaching focus
    • Planning, organizing, and facilitating the Foundations Class w/ the Lead Pastor
    • Personally teaching classes as well as developing and recruiting qualified volunteers as needed

Pastoral Shepherding ~ 20%

  • Spiritual Life
    • Maintain a robust life of prayer and bible study and communion with God.
    • Investing in spiritual health and personal discipleship by seeking opportunities to receive training, coaching, counseling, etc.
  • Preaching
    • Preach at Tri-Village Sunday Gatherings ~20%
    • Participate in the weekly pulpit team meetings
  • Pastoral
    • Help lead the vision and strategy of the church within the congregational membership and within the community.
    • Occasional pastoral meetings with newcomers, members, leaders, etc.
    • Occasional membership interview meetings
    • Occasional pastoral care meetings, crisis intervention, church discipline, etc.


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