Benevolence Fund

We’ve created a benevolence fund knowing that there will be both short-term and long-term financial needs in our congregations and communities. These funds will be used to meet needs across our congregations and communities.

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FAQ on Giving

Q: Doesn’t the Veritas budget normally cover emergency expenses?
A: Yes, we do have emergency funds already built into our budget. However, because of the COVID-19 crisis, we know we will spend more on emergency assistance than originally planned. For more context, 10% of our budget goes toward mission, outreach, partnership, and church planting, and some of that includes emergency assistance.

Q: Can’t you shift the budget you normally spend on Sunday morning worship over to benevolence?
A: Only a small portion of our operating budget is connected to Sunday morning gatherings. Many of our expenses are ongoing, not tied to physically meeting.

Q: Should I give to general fund giving or to benevolence?
A: We encourage you to give to our general fund primarily and then to the benevolence fund on top of that, only if you are looking for ways to give above and beyond.

Contact Geoff Davis with any questions.

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