As summer approaches, we eagerly look forward to sunny days, more time spent outdoors and quality time with family and friends. At the beginning of a new season, there is great value in pausing to reflect and plan for intentionality and purpose in the way we spend our time. This is especially important in the role of parents to little people. Whether your children are infants, toddlers, school-aged or adolescents, God is clear in the Bible that parents are given the important responsibility to be the primary influence and cultivators of spiritual development in their children. In the same way that our own personal discipleship and spiritual growth takes planning, discipline and consistency, the cultivation of spiritual growth in our children requires these same elements. We can be sure however, that on their own, these elements fall far short of the goal; the Spirit of God must come and do a mighty work in their hearts so that our children’s eyes are opened to the wonder and glory of Jesus Christ.

So, as parents, we pray that God works in our children’s hearts as we diligently labor alongside Him to train our children in the way He esteems to us in scripture. This guide is created with this end in mind: to encourage parents in the daily discipleship of your children even as we trust that God alone can bring their hearts to life in Him. Borrowing from Noel Piper’s categories of “everyday” and “especially” family rhythms (Treasuring God in Our Traditions), you will find ideas for discipleship with your family that might occur on a daily or weekly basis as well as some that might take place once a month or once during the summer.

The goal of the ideas listed in this guide are to cultivate a love for Jesus as our children grow in their spiritual understanding, to include our children in the mission of spreading the gospel to our communities and to strengthen relationships in our church community of Veritas.

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