We gather together faithfully each Sunday. We encourage you to live day-to-day life together, in Community Groups, getting coffee, or sharing food throughout the week. Certainly, our Sunday gatherings are a vital part of our call to follow Christ, yet the heart of our growth and life is living out the gospel in community with one another throughout the week. Our Community Groups are communities on mission throughout Columbus seeking to display and declare the gospel to their neighbors. The goal is not to simply ‘check the box’ of weekly participation in church. Instead, our desire is that we grow in our knowledge of God with one another in community, spurring us into an outpouring of faith every day as we walk in community with Jesus, one another, and those who have not yet trusted Jesus.

About our gatherings: what to expect


Our Sunday worship is a carefully structured series of movements or phases. We see in Scripture that God has revealed Himself to us through the story of the gospel, so our response to God is shaped by the gospel. Each week, our liturgy leads us through this gospel story that we are a part of. These movements include a Call to Worship, Confession, Assurance, Passing of the Peace, Proclamation of the Word, Rejoicing in Communion, Commitment/Sending, and a Benediction.

Each of these movements may include an assortment of prayers, songs, readings, and teachings with the intent of joining our hearts together as we respond to the glory of God and the truth of His gospel.


Just as we believe in God’s precision, we also believe in his abundant creativity. Veritas is blessed to have talented musicians, willing to serve with their creative gifts by leading us in unified worship. Once again, the gospel is the heart of each Sunday’s musical choices and arrangements, providing the church with a powerful expression of praise.

Our music is intended to lead the church in a conscious outpouring of worship and to preach the gospel to ourselves. Music, then, becomes more than lyrics or a melody, but rather a way to more deeply connect to and worship God.


The Bible is God’s Word revealed to us. Each Sunday, we dig into the books of the Bible, seeking to apply its truth to our lives, and to grow closer to God as we delve through the text. At Veritas, our hope is to encourage learning through instruction, urging you to be engaged learners who seek to know God personally and deeply.

Communion/Lord’s Supper

Sometimes as we go out into the world, we forget whose we are. At each Sunday gathering, we partake of the bread and the cup to remember Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf. In Him, we remember our identity as His beloved sons and daughters. Jesus commanded that we share in this rite which has been observed by Christians in all times and places, tangibly connecting us as family in Christ.


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14). Children are a vital part of our church body, and we want them to feel loved and encouraged as much as our older members. In this spirit, we demonstrate our love and dedication to these children (ages 0-5) in a safe environment during our gatherings by providing classes with trained teachers and volunteers where the children can grow in their understanding of the Gospel, and learn His Word through song, fun games, and creative lessons.

Children ages 6 through 12 are encouraged to participate in worship with their parents, then during the sermon, they are dismissed to age-defined classes where the gospel is presented to them in creative ways.



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