Everything we need has been given to us in Jesus!

And yet knowing Jesus causes our hearts to be joyful givers to His mission. We see God doing amazing things at Veritas and we want to be bold in calling you to give to God’s mission at Veritas. Scripture portrays giving as a joyous act of worship, not a dreary chore. We give out of celebration for all of the abundant blessings that God has bestowed on us. Christians serve a generous God and we strive to be generous people.

Join our mission in making the gospel known to Columbus and beyond by giving today!


If you are interested in supporting Veritas and its work in Columbus, there are a lot of ways that you can give.


Give to Veritas Short NorthGive to Veritas Tri-CityGive to Veritas West

All gifts go to the church general fund. We use your congregation preference only to understand the financial health of each congregation.x

During a Gathering:

You can give via cash, check, or credit card during any of our Sunday Gatherings. If you’d like to receive a tax deduction for cash gifts, the gift should be placed in a giving envelope with your name and address on it. Giving envelopes are available at all of our Gatherings and can be taken home and mailed back to Veritas, if necessary. If giving at one of our Gatherings with a credit card, simply fill out the credit card information on the giving envelope.

By Mail:

Mailing Address:
Veritas Community Church
605 N. High St. PMB 120 (note: Do NOT use “P.O.”)
Columbus, Ohio 43215

By Automatic Bill Pay:

Automatic Bill Pay is a great way to give regularly and consistently to Veritas. In addition, it saves Veritas transaction and credit card processing fees! That means 100% of your donation goes to fund the operation and vision of Veritas. For questions about automatic bill pay please contact Anna Dutton at anna.dutton@veritascolumbus.com.

With Securities:

You are able to give with securities to any of our Veritas locations. For questions about giving with securities or to pursue giving with securities please contact Geoff Davis at geoff.davis@veritascolumbus.com.

Note: Veritas is a non-profit organization. All of your donations are tax-deductible. We send out final giving statements in January for your tax records. For questions about giving statements contact Anna Dutton at anna.dutton@veritascolumbus.com.

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