Leadership Development

This page outlines the processes, tools, and guiding principles of leadership development at Veritas Community Church.

Leadership Development Calendar

Tentative Leadership Development Calendar 2022/2023

Initial Round
Session 1: Formations (All Congregations, September 2021)
Session 2: Calling (Congregation specific, Nov/Dec 2021)
Session 3: Character (All Congregations, January 2022)
Session 4: Conviction/Competence (Congregation specific, March 2022)
Session 5: Chemistry (All Congregations, May 2022)

All Congregation cookout July 2022

Second Round (and ongoing)
Session 1: Calling (September 2022)***
Session 2: Character (November 2022)
Session 3: Conviction (January 2022)
Session 4: Competence (March 2023)
Session 5: Chemistry (May 2023)

All Congregation cookout July 2023

***TBD: if we want to do the same classes together or congregation specific each round

Replay Last Meeting

At our last leadership development meeting, we covered the topic of “Character” as part of our series on the 5 C’s: Calling, Character, Conviction, Competence, and Chemistry.

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Spiritual Gifts

Formations Replay

Formations is a class that provides an in-depth look at our rhythms: worship, community, service, learning, and missions. While we cover these topics in Foundations, this class dives deeper into each rhythm, laying out the distinctive philosophies and approaches at Veritas.
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Leadership Criteria

Leadership Pipeline

Leadership development should be consistent across our church. Our hope is to provide a picture of what that looks like generally, especially for leadership positions of spiritual influence.

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5 C’s

In terms of calling, character, conviction, chemistry, and competency, this table depicts the general development process for becoming a leader at Veritas. The document is very high level, encompassing the general qualities of leaders we’d see at each level of oversight.

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The “Framework” is for pastors, deacons, ministry leaders, and staff. Use this page to find forms, policies, and other useful documents for church communications and operations.
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