Elder Installation.

Though many men hope for the office of elder within the church and all men should have the character of an elder, God has only called those who He has qualified and made ready within the church. Some men can be in process for many years while others might be ready in a few months and even still other may be needed to be godly, faithful men in the church without a title. However, a slow eldership process is not to stifle growth, encourage elitism or frustrate; it is to see character in action, get to know personalities, and learn gifting. We believe that talent can be made in a microwave but godly character is made in a crockpot.

What We Look For In Elders

  1. We want to see proven character. Are they investing in their family or relationships well and are they healthy? Are they investing in the church as a faithful member with their time, money and leadership?
  2. We want to assess their theology. Is your theology biblical, historical and on par with standards at Veritas?
  3. We want to see them getting the Veritas’ ethos. Do they know who we are and how we live? Can they articulate the vision and embody it healthily?
  4. We want to see their time commitment. There are expectations given to those with full-time jobs outside the church.

The office of elder is not to be taken lightly. Veritas needs and deserves leaders with godly character; character that is above and beyond what the church members and attenders expect.

The Process of Becoming an Elder

There is an expressed desire to elder or an elder seeks candidate. Informal meeting with a pastor/elder to determine if the pastor affirms the calling and desire for the office of an elder.
Meeting with the congregational elders, informally assess and give feedback regarding next steps in the process.
  • Theological Training
  • Shepherding Development
  • Ministry Development
  • Relational Dynamic

NOTE: Many will be dismissed from the process at this point and are encouraged to reengage again when the suggested time table is given.

  • Final Interview with some elders
  • Elder candidate is presented on Sunday’s gathering as pastor to be installed.
  • Four weeks are given to the church to bring any charge against them.
  • Final approval of elder candidate
  • Formal Installation and Ordination
  • State Requirements Obtained
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