Lent Artwork 2022

The paintings in the image above are not to scale in proportion to one another and only represent a small amount of the paintings created by our artists.


Addison Byler
Janine Crum
Rebecca Hu
Cindy Kao
Sue Kay
Craig Kehl
Jake Kiley
Holly Leonard
Karen Lane
David Lane
Catelyn Mailoux
Courtney St. Onge
Amanda Smith
Cody Wood
Jen Yosinski

Artist’s Reflection

by Janine Crum

Crafted piece-by-piece, the Veritas Arts Collective demonstrates the redemptive work of God in this twenty-one piece art installation. Infused with individuality and contemplative mastery, each artist reflects on their own journey of being restored by God’s love as they integrate their unique skillsets on canvas to tell a story. And while each piece stands beautifully on its own, together, becomes the collective image of God’s desire to restore us to Him through the love of Christ.

Out of darkness; redemption.

Out of brokenness; restoration.

And together we embody the beautiful image of God’s story in our own lives – the story recounted time and again through Scripture, of a God who loves us so deeply a perfect plan was crafted to bring us back to Him.

Full of light, redeemed, no longer broken.

Restored by the grace of salvation.

Beautiful and complete.

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