Lent Questions for Reflection

We encourage you to sit down and spend some time with the Lord this week, asking him to reveal how you might best observe the season of Lent this year. Ask yourself, in the presence of the Spirit, the following questions, and answer them with the Spirit’s help:

    1. What spiritual disciplines are you being called to follow? (e.g. making extra time for prayer, praying through the Psalms, fasting) Challenge yourself and set goals for the season.
    2. How can you prioritize “active stillness” in this season to listen to God? What might you need to give up for a season to do this?
    3. What pain, loss, grief or anxiety are you bearing? How do you need to acknowledge it to Jesus and allow him to bear it with you? Ask God to use this season to walk through it with you, bringing healing, restoration, and hope.
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