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Date Title Scripture Preacher Sermon
June 4, 2017East Sermon 6.4.17Matthew 5:10-12Jason FisherListen
May 28, 2017West Sermon 5.28.17Matthew Chris LawsonListen
June 4, 2017Tri-Village Sermon 6.4.17Matthew 5:10-12Brad SnyderListen
June 4, 2017Blessed Are the PersecutedMatthew 5:10-12Chris LawsonListen
June 4, 2017Persecution and the GospelMatthew Matthew 5:10-12Wes ThompsonListen
May 28, 2017The PeacemakerMatthew 5:9Brad SnyderListen
May 28, 2017Making PeaceMatthew Matthew 5:9Aaron LockhartListen
May 28, 2017PeacemakersMatthew 5:9Joe BylerListen
May 21, 2017West Sermon 5.21.17Matthew Rob MeyersListen
May 21, 2017Clear Eyes, Pure HeartsMatthew 5:8Brad SnyderListen
May 21, 2017The Merciful and Pure in HeartMatthew 5:7-8Joe BylerListen
May 21, 2017Blessed Are the Pure in HeartMatthew 5:8Aaron LockhartListen
May 14, 2017A Hunger and Thirst for RighteousnessMatthew 5:6Joe BylerListen
May 14, 2017The Blessing of MercyMatthew 5:7Brad SnyderListen
May 14, 2017The Mark of MercyMatthew 5:7Aaron LockhartListen
May 8, 2017Feast for the FamishedMatthew 5:6Brad SnyderListen
May 7, 2017Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for RighteousnessMatthew 5:6Wes ThompsonListen
May 7, 2017Satisfaction GuaranteedMatthew 5:6Aaron LockhartListen
May 7, 2017Blessed Are the MeekMatthew 5:5Joe BylerListen
April 30, 2017Tri-Village Sermon 4.30.17Matthew 5:4-5PJ WenzelListen
April 30, 2017Real Power Displayed Through MeeknessMatthew 5:5Wes ThompsonListen
April 23, 2017Tri-Village Sermon 4.23.17Matthew 5:3Jeremy HartListen
April 23, 2017To Mourn is HumanMatthew 5:4Wes ThompsonListen
April 23, 2017Blessed Are the MournersMatthew 5:4Chris LawsonListen
April 23, 2017Mourning and ComfortMatthew 5:4Joe BylerListen
April 9, 2017West Sermon 4.9.17Matthew 5Chris LawsonListen
April 9, 2017Short North Sermon 4.9.17Matthew Nick NyeListen
April 9, 2017The Happiness of Spiritual PovertyMatthew 5:1-3Aaron LockhartListen
April 9, 2017He Taught Them Saying: Overview of the Sermon on the MountMatthew 5:1-2Brad SnyderListen
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