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Date Title Scripture Preacher Sermon
February 11, 2018Surrender to the Authority of JesusMatthew 7:21-29Joe BylerListen
February 11, 2018Astonished by AuthorityMatthew 7:21-29Brad SnyderListen
February 11, 2018West Sermon 2.11.18Matthew 7:21-29Wes ThompsonListen
February 4, 2018You Will Know Them by Their FruitMatthew 7:15-20Parris PaydenListen
February 4, 2018The Root and the FruitNo Scripture Brad SnyderListen
February 4, 2018Discern the Message and the MessengerMatthew 7:15-20Wes ThompsonListen
January 28, 2018Jesus, the Narrow Gate and the Firm FoundationNo Scripture Brad SnyderListen
January 28, 2018Two Gates and Two FoundationsMatthew 7:13-14, 24-27Joe BylerListen
January 28, 2018There Are Three Ways to LiveMatthew 7:13-14;24-27Wes ThompsonListen
January 21, 2018Golden Rule and the Kingdom of GodNo Scripture Brad SnyderListen
January 21, 2018The Golden RuleMatthew 7:12Joe BylerListen
January 21, 2018West Sermon 1.21.18No Scripture Wes ThompsonListen
January 14, 2018Jesus is a Faithful ProviderMatthew 7:7-11Wes ThompsonListen
January 14, 2018The Love of the FatherMatthew 7:7-11Brad SnyderListen
January 14, 2018A Good and Faithful ProviderMatthew 7:7-11Joe BylerListen
January 7, 2018West Sermon 1.7.18Matthew 7:6Phil ShimerListen
January 7, 2018Grace for Our MissionMatthew 7:6Brad SnyderListen
January 7, 2018Discernment: A Pearl for a Pig?Matthew 7:6Joe BylerListen
December 31, 2017West Sermon 12.31.17Matthew 7:1-5Rob MeyersListen
December 31, 2017Hypocrite Judge vs Humble ServantMatthew 7:1-5Patrick KnableListen
December 31, 2017Tri-Village Sermon 12.31.17No Scripture Mason GoodListen
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