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Rekindle is a series of events throughout the summer where we’ll gather to learn and fellowship with friends. We’ll hear from speakers on topics like contentment, vocation, and parenting. Rekindle grew from a deep need for togetherness after a season of separation. We plan on having three nights for men and three nights for women.

Men’s Nights

Night 1: Contentment
What Do You Really Want?
Wednesday, June 23
7:30pm – 9:00pm
3013 El Paso Dr

Night 2: Vocation, Calling and Identity
You Are More than What You Do
Wednesday, July 21
7:30pm – 9:00pm
280 S Algonquin Ave

Night 3: You Are More than What You Do
Reflections from Refuge Alumni
Wednesday, August 25
7:30pm – 9:00pm
110 S Southampton Ave

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Women’s Nights

Night 2: Living on Mission
You are the Girl for the Job/Task
Wednesday, July 7
7:30pm – 9:00pm
187 S Southampton Ave

Night 3: Making Mothers
Discovering the Heart of God
Wednesday, August 11
7:30pm – 9:00pm
4678 Parkwick Dr

Women’s Registration

Rekindle is hosted by leaders at the West congregation of Veritas, but anyone is welcome to join!

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Child Dedications

Sunday, June 20
West Building, 12 S Terrace Ave

We are excited to celebrate the new lives God has added to our community and show our support to the parents of these kids. The act of dedicating children is the church recognizing the high calling that all parents carry with them, to shepherd their children in the ways of the Gospel, daily living out the Christian life and proclaiming the good news of Jesus to their children. The church extends encouragement, promises to support parents, and holds them accountable to Biblical excellence by the power of the Spirit and the grace of the Son.

You can read more about why we celebrate child dedications and then let us know you plan to dedicate your child.

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Marriage Classes

These classes are geared towards engaged couples or newlyweds who are in their first year of marriage. All five classes and mentorship through Veritas are required for anyone looking to be married by a Veritas pastor. For more information about asking a Veritas pastor to officiate your wedding or using a Veritas church for your ceremony please contact us.

Each class is a Wednesday night at the Short North building (345 E 2nd Ave) from 6:30pm – 8:00pm.

July 28: Theology/Purpose of Marriage
August 25: Communication & Conflict
September 22: Intimacy & Sex
October 27: Biblical Roles
November 17: Marriage & Money


UNIFIED NEXT DOOR: Neighborhood Worship Gathering

Saturday, June 26
1:00pm – 3:00pm
Westgate Park
445 S Westgate Ave

Churches all over Columbus are gathering the weekend of June 26/27 to put on “open-air” prayer & worship gatherings in a powerful, city-wide display of unity. We’re believing God for a historic transformation in central Ohio as we collectively share the gospel in outdoor spaces all across Columbus!

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Date TBD
West Building, 12 S Terrace Ave

Christians throughout history have demonstrated to the world the surpassing worth of Jesus through baptism as an outward expression of the inward reality that Jesus is the Lord of their lives. Water is the physical symbol that God has cleansed believers from their sins through the blood of Jesus. Believers are immersed in water, signifying the death of the old self along with his sin, and believers are raised out of the water to new life in Christ, celebrating a union with the finished work of Jesus and the salvation he has won for his followers.

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Continued Reopening of Kids’ classes!

We are excited to continue with our re-opening plan for Kids classes! We are in Stage 2, offering a pre-K class (ages 3 through 5) in addition to our elementary class (grades K through 5th) every 1st and 3rd Sunday.

We continue to look for more volunteers to faithfully teach our kiddos, plan the increase of the frequency of class offerings and cautiously consider expanding the ages we serve. Please consider joining the team!

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Fair and Free Workshop: Hosted by She Has A Name

Saturday, June 26th
11:00am – 2:00pm
Gravity Project, 500 W Broad St

She Has A Name believes we can do something about human trafficking. In general, sex trafficking tends to receive more media attention; however, more people worldwide are victims of labor trafficking.

There are practical steps each individual can take in combating labor trafficking. Our hope is to offer a deeper understanding of labor trafficking and give you practical tools to respond in your everyday life.

Our Fair and Free Workshop will feature tangible strategies for consumers to shop consciously and to advocate for those impacted by labor trafficking. There will also be a pop-up market filled with vendors who sell sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly products.

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Community Groups

In one of  our sermons a few weeks ago, we got to hear the apostle Paul’s encouragement to not neglect meeting with each other (Hebrews 10:24-25). While I’m sure he did not have Google Meets and Zoom in mind, we are so blessed that we have these tools at our disposal to continue to connect with our brothers and sisters despite the pandemic and public health concerns.

If you are not already part of one, please consider joining one of our Community Groups. Some have been meeting in reduced numbers in-person while some have been meeting virtually. Do not miss out on this opportunity “to love and do good works, [while] encouraging one another!”

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