Re-Entry Plans for Sunday Worship Gatherings

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Guiding Principles for Re-Entry

Re-Entry at Veritas Community Church

Phase 1: Pre-Recorded
Sunday, May 17th will be our last Sunday in this phase of premiering pre-recorded worship gatherings online.

Phase 2: Livestream
Starting Sunday, May 24th we will livestream our worship gathering from our Short North building to all congregations. We will livestream on YouTube and on our website. As much as their availability allows, leaders from all congregations will be involved, and we will continue rotating preachers from our three congregations.

Phase 3: Congregation-Specific, Socially Distant, Highly Safe, In-Person Gatherings and Livestreams
Starting Sunday, June 28th we will host worship gatherings in each of our buildings that are safe*, socially distant, and with limited capacity. To manage capacity, we will require advance registration. Our capacity will be based on two main considerations: local health authority recommendations/restrictions as well as building layout. We do not plan to serve coffee or food in this phase. Our kids classrooms will remain closed.

Details on Gathering in Person During Phase 3

Phase 4: Classrooms Open for Kids Ministry
When we do open our kids classrooms, we plan to use guidance from daycares by learning from their experiences and best practices. We would likely start with older children first and then add the younger children over time. Please continue to utilize the family devotions our kids directors send out each week. If you’re not subscribed to your congregation’s “Veritas Kids” list, then you’re missing out on all the ways we are doing kids ministry digitally. Subscribe now!

Q & A

Q: What standards of safety are you following when crafting these re-entry plans?
A: *We primarily follow the guidelines put forth by our local health authorities, but we also do not anticipate they will provide all the answers to how we should conduct every single activity related to our context. We also review best practices shared by other churches in our networks.

Q: When will we come to worship together, in person, in our buildings?
A: We’re not sure yet whether local health authorities will provide an exact date for large gatherings of our size, but we will rely on their protocols as a way to ensure we’re doing everything we can to make a safe environment to worship together in person. We will enter phase 3 when we’re confident we can create a worship gathering environment that is safe and consistent with current health guidelines and practices.

Q: Are we always going to livestream our worship gatherings moving forward?
A: We are planning to livestream for a very long time, and for many months even after we are gathering in person. Our digital options are in place, not because we think the digital church is the future, but for a long time, it will be the only way many can stay connected with us.

Additional Notes

We will not force anyone into situations they deem unsafe. However, it’s likely we will ask you to participate in safety measures you wouldn’t normally think necessary, but we would ask you to do so for those with greater health risks or whose conscience leads them to be more cautious.

As always, driven by the sacrificial love of the gospel, we will put other’s needs in front of your own, and we will inspire you to be generous towards others who have different views than your own.

We will follow the guidelines of local health authorities, but we don’t expect they will make all our decisions for us. There may be a time when they say “people can meet in groups of —- or more,” but they might also never explicitly lay out a benchmark like that. We hold in tension people’s safety with the fact that meeting together in person as a church is very, very good.

Even though we will continue to gather exclusively online for now, we don’t believe “digital church” is a long-term solution nor something like an acceptable form of “the new kind of church.” Rather, we believe gathering together and in a physical space is of utmost importance for the church. Our phased approach to gathering again might seem slow to some, and perhaps even quick to others; but we are carefully and wisely considering a path forward for our gathering and ministries that values your health and safety.

Guiding Principles for Re-Entry

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