A Call to Repentance

Congregation: Short North
Series: Unfit
Speaker: Joe Byler
Scripture Text: Matthew 3:1-3

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Discussion Questions
  1. John the Baptist called for repentance. What does it mean to truly repent?
  2. What must we repent from?
  3. How is the call to repent offensive? How are you offended by being told to repent? Why are we so offended?
  4. What comfort do those who repent have? What confidence are we given when we repent and confess our sins?
  5. John gives a reason for repenting. He says “… for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Why does the nearness of the kingdom of heaven make repentance imperative?
  6. Ref 2 Cor 7:9-10: What does it mean to have Godly grief over our sin? How is this different from worldly grief? What does it mean to have repentance without regret?