Battling Fear with Belief

Congregation: Short North
Series: Fear
Speaker: Chris Lawson
Scripture Text: John 14:1

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Discussion Questions
  1. In a world filled with daily reminders of tragedy and sin in our lives and in our world, Chris began by reminding us that, on some level, we are all victims of fear.  He challenged us to consider what those fears are.  What do you fear?  What are those “what if?” questions in your life?  (think on multiple levels – global, local, personal, etc.)
  2. Chris stated that our fears always affect our thoughts and actions, and often, this can happen in ways that we don’t even see.  Take a moment to consider how these fears that you shared may be affecting your thoughts and actions.  Consider how you may have been numb to those affects.  Please share.
  3. In John 14:1, Jesus suggests that our fear is born out of a lack of true belief in God and Christ.  How/when do you see that lack of faith in your life?  What does it mean to truly believe in those moments?  (If you have time, read 2 Chronicles 20:1-30 where we see a poignant example of Israel depending upon the Lord during a time in need, and the Lord protected them).
  4. Chris reminded us that the reason we can believe God and trust in Him is because He is totally sovereign and perfectly good.  Do you believe this?  Which of these two attributes (sovereignty and goodness), do you tend to forget?
  5. Facing this call to believe in the face of fear, how are we to do it?  Chris called us to pursue prayer, Scripture, and community with fellow believers.  How can we grow in these areas as individuals and as a Community Group?  How can we encourage each other to believe in the midst of our fears?