Bible Intake

Congregation: East
Series: Spiritual Disciplines
Speaker: Aaron Lockhart
Scripture Text: Psalms 19

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Discussion Questions
  1. First Timothy 4:7 says that we should train ourselves for godliness. What makes godliness desirable and/or valuable? Does the thought of investing yourself in these disciplines create a sense of joy? Why or why not?
  2. Bible intake is the first and most important Spiritual Discipline because it establishes a foundation for all of our other beliefs, activities, and desires. Yet most of us only spend minutes each week studying our bibles. Take some time considering these questions to gauge where you stand in your study of God’s word. Where are you today?
    • Regularly studying the Bible
    • Don’t want/trust God
    • Don’t know enough about Him
    • Don’t believe the Bible is applicable to life
    • Other things are more important
    • Don’t know where to start
  3. Read Psalm 119:105-112. What do you notice about how the Psalmist views the word of God in light of his life? What are the benefits of the word?