Fulfill Your Ministry

Congregation: West
Series: Timothy
Speaker: Wes Thompson
Scripture Text: 2 Timothy 4:1-8

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Look around you. The world is changing; our culture is rapidly shifting from one movement to the next. We are living in a time when truth is relative and finding a groupie is not that hard. We find ourselves looking to our own experiences and our feelings to define truth, instead of God and His Word.

We have to ask how this is affecting the Body of Christ and our presence in Columbus. Our call to be engaged in culture is clear, however we see the need for sound preparation. The challenge to lovingly understand and respond to the noise around us can seem quite complex. We’re warned that there will be times when people will turn from truth, look to their passions, and “wander off into myths”. Yet 2 Timothy 4:1-8 gives us a clear call to “preach the word; be ready in season and out of season”. We recognize the call to “fulfill our ministry”, being ready to endure suffering, to be sober-minded, and evangelize.

The beautiful thing about the church is that all of us, being made in the image of God, have been given God-glorifying gifts. These gifts are what equip us to fulfill our ministry and preach the word. In some ways, identifying your gifts and your ministry is not as complicated as we make it. Too often, we allow cultural barriers, fear of people, and socio-economic statuses to complicate what Christ has already made a way for.

Using our gifts to fulfill our ministry may look so differently depending on the season of life you are in or the neighborhood that you reside in. You might be spending a majority of your time using your gifts to minister to your kids or sitting on your front porch with your neighbors. Maybe your office cubicle or a front desk is your place of ministry. It’s breath-taking to see the diverse ways that God has gifted His church.

In all of this, we must remember that ultimately Jesus fulfills and sustains our ministry and yet still gives us a crown of righteousness at the end of the race. We’re reminded to fight the good fight, knowing that Jesus has already paid the price.

by Amy Byler


  1. Read Through Your Calendar | Who has God already placed in your life?
  2. Pray Specifically | How do you feel called to care for them? What are your gifts?
  3. Surround Yourself | Who are you in community with? Are they speaking into your ministry?
  4. Lean Into Christ | How are you fulfilling the ministry that’s been given to you?