Generosity: The Overflow of Contentment

Congregation: West
Series: Timothy
Speaker: Chris Lawson
Scripture Text: 1 Timothy 6:11-21

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Generosity is living life with open hands knowing that God is faithful to provide for our needs. Our ability to be generous is rooted directly in our understanding of God’s generosity towards us through Christ.

Paul’s language in 1 Timothy 6 is reminiscent of Matthew 6, where Jesus tells us that wherever our treasure is our hearts will be also. He then goes on to say that we should not be anxious about our lives. Jesus isn’t saying, “Don’t have money,” he’s saying understand the appropriate role that money plays in your life. Money is not your security. That comes from someplace else. We’re then told that God as our Heavenly Father knows what we need and is eager to provide it. That’s were our security comes from, our Heavenly Father.

Paul is reminding Timothy of these truths. He knows full well that those Timothy is ministering to will be inclined to trust in their earthly wealth and possessions. These things are uncertain, but God, who provides for all our needs, is not. Without this understanding, our attempts at generosity will be short lived and frustrating. Only once we see that all we ultimately need has been provided for us through the gospel, will we be able to truly give of ourselves and live life with open hands.

by Pastor Geoff Davis


  1. How would you define generosity?
  2. Are you inclined to be generous?
  3. What prohibits you from being generous?