God’s Richness Towards Us

Congregation: Short North
Series: Grace Is Tangible
Speaker: Nick Nye
Scripture Text: 2 Corinthians 9:1-15

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Discussion Questions
  1. Why do you think the bible addresses money and possessions so often? How would you define biblical generosity compared to our culture’s “pay it forward” mentality?
  2. What drives your giving? What false hopes do you have about money? What do you think it will provide? How do you see that played out in your life?
  3. Think of a time when your generosity towards someone was given with “strings attached.” As you reflect on that, what does that reveal about your gift? Were you expecting something in return or were you expecting the gift to be used in a certain way?
  4. Grace in tangible. God has freely and abundantly poured out his grace to us. Yet we so easily forget his grace when it comes to money and possessions. What distracts us from this? Do you give God space to work in you when it comes to your giving or do you find yourself fighting for fear and control?

Reflect and pray- How am I stewarding what God has given? Is what I’m spending money on adding value to His Kingdom? Take time to pray for increased righteousness and a renewed heart for giving.

Challenge during this series: In the morning, before the world speaks to you, wake up and lay quietly with the Lord and experience the richness of Christ. Dwell with him in prayer. Soak in the powerful riches of His grace.