Lust and Divorce

Congregation: Short North
Series: Matthew - Lust and Divorce
Speaker: Patrick Knable
Scripture Text: Matthew 5:27-32

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Discussion Questions
  1. Of what importance is it that Jesus introduces his comments (vs 27) with, “You have heard that it was said…” ? Why did God create marriage? Why is adultery a serious offense?
  2. How would you define lust? What does our culture think it? How does lust lead to death? What hope do we have in our struggles with lust? (If lust isn’t an intense struggle for you, do you show compassion to those who do struggle with it? Also, lustful thoughts are not limited to men. It is important to address this with women as well.)
  3. Are there things that you need to cut off that are increasing your struggle with lust? Who do you talk to about your struggles in this area? (If you have never shared your struggle with lust with anyone, consider reaching out to someone in your community group. You are not alone in your struggle and you were not meant to fight it alone. Christ offers forgiveness and hope, and He has given the gift of community to walk alongside you in the midst of this.)
  4. Jesus does not accept the practice of easy divorce. Through Moses, God instituted a regulation for marriage that upheld the sanctity of marriage and protected the women. Considering the context of these verses and what we read Jesus says, how does this protect women? What are the grounds for divorce we see given here (vs 32)? The Greek word for sexual immorality is porneia. What all does this include?