Possessions and Contentment

Congregation: East
Series: Timothy
Speaker: Aaron Lockhart
Scripture Text: 1 Timothy 6:3-10

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The core of stewardship is that despite what the world tells us, we don’t own anything. Everything we have has been entrusted to us by its rightful owner, the Lord and Creator of all. He’s given us what we have for the time being to leverage for the purpose of glorifying him. As stewards, we have two options, we can either be good stewards or poor stewards. Good stewards trust fully in God’s provision and are able to freely give of their time, talent, and treasure knowing that it was never truly theirs to begin with. A poor steward keeps what they’ve been given in a tight hand, using their time, talent, and possession for their own advancement and glory. A poor steward typically views their possessions as the reward of their own hard work and merit. The poor steward doesn’t recognize that even their ability to work hard or earn a living is given to them by God.

These are the two options that we see Paul address in 1 Timothy 6. We can be contentment with what the Lord has provided for us or we can constantly drive for more. Paul says that this contentment is great gain. There’s great gain in understanding our place in relationship with our Father. When we forget that, we’re prone to run to destruction and ruin.

by Pastor Geoff Davis


  1. Reflect on your stewardship. Are you a good steward or poor steward?
  2. How have you seen this affect your relationship with the Lord and your relationship with others?