Renewed by a Redeemer

Congregation: Short North
Series: Fear
Speaker: Joe Byler
Scripture Text: Ruth 4

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Discussion Questions
  1. Having now finished Ruth (and with Esther in mind, too), do you see God as present and sovereign in these stories? Do you see Him as good? How so?
  2. Pastor Joe noted that Boaz serves as a sort of representation of Christ in Ruth 4 as he is eager to absorb the cost to redeem Ruth as Christ was eager to absorb the cost to redeem us. How does the Gospel (that Jesus died on the cross and rose again) prove that God is in control? How does it prove that He is good?
  3. Pastor Joe preached that this story should inspire us to have a renewed vision of God and a renewed foundation of faith. We see that He is both sovereign & good and we respond in faith and trust. When you think of God’s sovereignty as Pastor Joe discussed, did it inspire and encourage you to joy and faith?
  4. Often, our last response to fear, doubt, and anxiety is taking them to prayer, processing them with God Himself. What is more often your first response to your fears? How should God’s sovereignty and goodness encourage you to take these things to Him in prayer? Take some time to pray over your fears and anxieties together as a group or in pairs.