Revival 2: The People’s Future

Congregation: Short North
Series: Isaiah: The Lord's New World
Speaker: Nick Nye
Scripture Text: Isaiah 58-59

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Discussion Questions

1. Describe the scene and background to what is happening in Isaiah 58-60. What was the culture like? How did they see God? What were they adding to christianity?What were their temptations? How is our culture similar to theirs?

2. How would you define “knock-off” Christianity? What are some marks of authentic Christianity? What kind of veneer are you tempted to put on? What are you trying to hide?

3. God’s people were in a state of ritualistic, knock off christianity. Read Isaiah 58. Why were the people fasting? What does Isaiah explain is the way to an authentic union with God? Where does change need to occur? How does God use fasting to unite his people to himself?

4. Read Isaiah 60. What does future revival look like? What can we, as God’s people, anticipate in God’s final glory? How does this compare to what idols offer?

5. Reflect: Is my aim Jesus? Do I “play” church? Pray. Go to the Lord, confess, ask God to revive your heart!