Salt and Light

Congregation: Short North
Series: Matthew - Salt and Light
Speaker: Joe Byler
Scripture Text: Matthew Matthew 5:13-16

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Discussion Questions
  1. In what ways is our identity as Christians unique and distinct from the world around us? Explore this on two levels: first, corporately as The Body of Christ; and second, individually as people in specific situations.
  2. With our unique identity of salt and light, what is our distinct purpose in the world?
  3. What is Jesus instructing us to do? How can you apply this instruction to your life?
  4. Do you feel a resistance in yourself to Jesus’ call to be distinct in the world? Why?
  5. In what ways do you find yourself being tempted to blend into society?
  6. How can you be more obedient to Jesus’ call to be salt and light.
  7. How does God enable us to live in line with this call to new identity?