Short North Sermon 10.8.17

Congregation: Short North
Series: Matthew - The Lord's Prayer
Speaker: Patrick Knable
Scripture Text: Matthew 6:9

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Discussion Questions
  1. How have you thought about the Lord’s Prayer in the past? (Is it familiar to you? Has it struck you or helped you before? Does it come across as beautiful or annoying? Rich with meaning or trite? …Etc.)

  2. Patrick and Joe have talked a lot about prayer being a response to God. What about God compels you to respond to Him?

  3. You will rarely find any Christian who is satisfied with their prayer life. We tend to struggle with prayer. Why is it so difficult for us?

  4. How do we grow in realizing and feeling the intimacy of praying to God “Our Father”? Why does addressing God this way grow stale to us?

  5. Dig into the beauty of adoption as children of God. What are some of the joys and privileges we have because of being adopted? Is it easy for you to believe you’re a child of God? (Some mentioned were eternal inheritance and discipline)

  6. How can the way Jesus teaches us to pray help us not pray like He warns us about in the previous verses (hypocritically to be seen by others, with empty phrases -vs 5-8)?