Short North Sermon 9.24.17

Congregation: Short North
Series: Matthew - Generosity
Speaker: Parris Payden
Scripture Text: Matthew 6:1-4

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Discussion Questions
  1. Chapter 6 lays out principles for the spiritual life of the believer. The first one Jesus addresses is giving to the needy.
    1. Who is Jesus addressing in this text?
    2. What is his message to them?
    3. Why is he confronting them about their actions?
  2. Talk about the tension between this text and Matt. 5:13-16, on being Salt and Light.
    1. Wrestle with these ideas practically.
    2. Should you ever practice your righteousness publicly?
    3. Should you ever give to those in need publicly?
    4. Should you always give anonymously?
    5. Why might you do so and why not?
  3. Jesus went straight to the heart with these religious leaders. They had “sounded their trumpets” to be praised by men (vs. 2)
    1. What causes us to hunger for the praise of man?
    2. Let’s dig in a little deeper. Would you be willing to share an example of a time within the last month that your motivation to practice righteousness was to seek praise from man?
    3. We may be tempted to hold ourselves hostage and think we should never give because our motives are laden with selfishness – BUT, we cannot rest in any of our work or motivations. We must rest in the finished work of Jesus on the cross while still pursing godliness. Spend time in prayer and confession, and finally humble adoration for Jesus Christ who paid the penalty for our sin, so that we could be reconciled to God.