Stepping out in Faith When God Seems Absent

Congregation: Short North
Series: Fear
Speaker: Joe Byler
Scripture Text: Esther 5-10

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Discussion Questions
  1. If you haven’t shared much with your community group yet, what are some of your biggest fears in life right now? What is causing you anxiety? How do these fears and anxieties affect you? How consuming or prevalent are these fears and anxieties in your life right now?
  2. Joe talked a lot about pride and humility in this weeks sermon. How is pride a major contributor to our fear and anxiety? How would a heart of humility, a posture of humility towards God, change your tendency to fear or anxiety in whatever situation you are in?
  3. The desire for significance is not wrong at all, but where we seek that significance and acceptance from often is. Who or what do we often look to to affirm our significance and acceptance?… How do we grow in finding our significance from God? .. How does this impact our fears and anxieties?
  4. Joe said, “To know and believe that Jesus had to die for us, humbles us.To know and believe that Jesus chose to die for us, affirms us infinitely”… What does it mean to look or to fix our eyes on Christ? How does this lead us to grow in humility, and how could this relieve our fear and anxiety?
  5. Lacking belief in God’s sovereignty and goodness often leads us to fear and anxiety… Throughout your life, how have you grown, or what has been helpful in growing your trust in God’s goodness and sovereignty? .. Have you been able to see the impact this has had on fear and anxiety in your life?