The Baptism of Jesus Christ

Congregation: Short North
Series: Unfit
Speaker: Nick Nye
Scripture Text: Matthew 3:13-17

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Discussion Questions
  1. What is the beauty and what is the scandal of the baptism of Jesus?
  2. How do we see the Trinity displayed in the baptism? Discuss the elements of water, Spirit Dove and the Father’s voice (vs 16-17).
  3. Reflect and share about your own baptism. How is God drawing us in to see Jesus as we reflect on our own baptism? What would you say to someone if they asked you, “What is baptism and why do you do it?” (If you have never been baptized, consider talking with someone tonight about what may be keeping you from doing so.)
  4. In verse 17 we see the Father being pleased and satisfied with the Son. Often times we don’t seek satisfaction in Jesus. Where have you sought satisfaction?
  5. How do we sometimes miss God’s display of grace? What are some truths we can remind ourselves of when we consider the baptism of Jesus and what it means about who God is and who we are.

Consider praying and asking the Father, “If you are pleased in the Son, show Him to me!”