The Gladness of God

Congregation: Tri-City
Series: Isaiah: The Lord's New World
Speaker: Brad Snyder
Scripture Text: Isaiah 65-66

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Discussion Questions
  1. Why do you struggle to remember God’s promises of a new creation? How might things be different now, if we remembered the promised future?
  2. What are the things in creation that take away from your worship of the creator?
  3. Read Isaiah 66:1-2. How is God’s grace seen in these verses? What does it mean to be humble, contrite, and tremble, and what is the hope for those that are?
  4. Read 66:10-13. How has God given His abundant grace to you here and now? How does God’s grace move you to worship Him?
  5. Do you find worship refreshing or exhausting? Why and what does this reveal about your heart?
  6. Why is this passage good news and how does it call us to live on mission?
  7. What have you learned about God and His gospel through this study in Isaiah?
  8. How has your hope in the gospel and your walk with Jesus been deepened through this series in Isaiah?