The Heart of Generosity

Congregation: Short North
Series: Grace Is Tangible
Speaker: Joe Byler
Scripture Text: 2 Corinthians 9:1-15

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Discussion Questions
  1. There are four core motivations behind most of our spending: Control (security), Comfort (freedom), Power (status), Approval (love). How are these motivations revealed in your spending/use of your resources? What does your spending reveal about your heart?
  2. What is your picture of the ‘good life’? How does it contrast with God’s vision for His people?
  3. How does viewing our possessions as stewards rather than owners change our outlook towards generosity?
  4. We are always investing in something. How are you investing what God has given you? (Time, money, talents)
  5. How does the question “How much do I have to give?” differ from “How can I give more?”
  6. How have you seen God transforming your heart to find your comfort, approval, status etc in Him? How has that changed your view of generosity?