The Merciful and Pure in Heart

Congregation: Short North
Series: Matthew - Blessed
Speaker: Joe Byler
Scripture Text: Matthew 5:7-8

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Discussion Questions
  1. At the beginning of the sermon, Joe talked about how scripture can shape us, challenge us, and change us. When we come to the bible, do we view it in this way? Why or why not? … How else are we tempted to view scripture?
  2. What did you think of the differentiation presented between the “worldly” mercy/philanthropy and the biblical definition of mercy? … If you truly look at your motives, what really propels you to show mercy to others?
  3. What are some specific ways that God might be calling you to show mercy to those around you in your life, community, and in our city? … How can your community group join you in this, or encourage you in this?
  4. When somebody talks about the idea of “seeing God”, describe some thoughts, feelings, ideas, that come to your mind… What stood out from the sermon in regards to the condition of our hearts, and our ability or inability to “see God”?
  5. Pastor Joe preached what the bible says, that we are deathly sick, headed away from God, our hearts are deceitful, and we are dead in our trespasses and sins. Where does Jesus fit into all of this? … How does the gospel impact us, both in regards to our interaction with mercy and purity?