The Resurrection of Our Redeemer

Congregation: Tri-City
Series: Easter
Speaker: Brad Snyder
Scripture Text: John 20-21

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Discussion Questions
  1. Describe what you think must have been going through the mind of Peter when he jumped out of that boat! What about Mary at the tomb? How would you react if a close friend was resurrected from the grave?!
  2. Brad read from John 20:17 where Jesus speaks to Mary about his coming ascension. Jesus’ statement strongly indicates a truth later expounded by Paul, namely that we are adopted into the family of God. Read romans 8:14-16 and discuss. Have you ever thought about your relationship to God in adoptive terms? Many of us have grown up without either a mom or a dad. Talk about what it means to you to have God bring you into His family.
  3. In the sermon, Brad gave the example of the “fallen fisherman” Peter before the resurrection (Luke 5) and after the resurrection (John 20/21) and how his reactions to Jesus differed. The question posed by Brad is worth pondering again: where do you go, and what do you do when you sin? Do you run from Jesus in shame, or do you run to Jesus for restoration and forgiveness? Another way of approaching this might be to ask your spouse or a close friend in the church if there is a pattern that they see in your life one way or another.
  4. In a part of our text from Sunday (John 20:24-31) Jesus encounters Thomas, the disciple who had verbally doubted his resurrection. On paper it seems out of place because of all we had read preceding the account about Jesus appearing alive to Mary, and the angels at the tomb etc. But if you were in his place, could you blame him? Even those of us who have been Christians for a long time have moments of doubt about our faith, and Thomas’ story serves as a great reminder of God meeting us where we are. How did Jesus react to Thomas when they met? What was Thomas’ response – namely, how did Thomas regard the post-resurrection Christ? Have you ever had doubts in your walk? What brought you comfort and restoration?
  5. At one point or another, we all think about death. What it will be like, how it might happen, and what comes after. How does Jesus’ resurrection change your outlook on your own death? Have you had family members or friends die who did not know the Lord? In light of Christ’s conquering death (Colossians 1), how does this reality change our discussions with doubting friends? How about friends who we have been hesitant to share the gospel with?

Takeaway: This week praise the Lord for bringing hope out of death, and for sealing our redemption with ultimate victory of death. Remember that we are united to Him in his death, and therefore also in His resurrection (Romans 6)! If people you’re close to – friends, neighbors, family – who don’t know Jesus came to your mind over the Easter weekend, think about how you can share your Easter with them. Perhaps tell them about the message, and what brought you renewed hope and refreshed joy.