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Congregation: Tri-City
Series: Matthew - Follow Jesus
Speaker: Chris Lawson
Scripture Text: Matthew 4:18-25

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Discussion Questions
  1. Beginning in verse 19, Jesus told two sets of brothers to “follow” Him. What did that look like for those guys? Things are a little different today, but what remains the same? (i.e. how do we follow Jesus? Leaders: Chris talked about how Jesus was calling us not only to listen to His words, but to emulate Him – He was calling people to be conformed to His image – 2 Cor. 3:18 might be a good reference for discussion).
  2. What was the difference between the way that Rabbis in Jesus’ day gained disciples, and the way that Jesus added disciples/followers? Why is it all the more remarkable that Jesus, the Son of God calls his followers in this way? (Leaders: Chris mentioned that rabbis would never seek after followers, but would have them come based on their reputation as a scholar etc. Whereas Jesus tracks down His sheep, calling them all by name).
  3. In verses 20 and 22 Matthew records that the two sets of brothers “immediately” left their fishing in order to follow Jesus’ call. What characteristics of Jesus does this showcase? What kind of power do we see his words having in Scripture over everything (Consider Heb. 1:3, and the power of his words in the immediate context: 4:10; 4:23-24)? Something to meditate on: Do you believe His words are sovereign over the hearts of mankind? (Leaders: Chris referenced Romans 8:28-30, and it might be good to read those verses together again).
  4. When Jesus preached about the kingdom (verse 23) of heaven. Let’s talk about from a few different angles…first, what kind of kingdom was He referring to? What did it look like to these people? What were they expecting the kingdom to look like? What should it look like today in our church and lives? What will it eventually look like when He returns?
  5. During Jesus’ ministry, he healed so many people that his fame spread throughout the entire region (vs. 24). What motivated Christ to heal and preach to people in these far off people in small villages? If someone were to ask you “why” He would do this, how would you describe His driving ambition? How do we see this heart ultimately shown on the cross?
  6. How did Jesus conduct Himself during His ministry – put another way, what characterized His attitude toward people He interacted with (even people He didn’t know, complete strangers)? How should Christ’s example stir us to good work and love of our neighbors? What can we do to love and serve others as Christ did, both in word and in deed?
  7. Takeaway: When Christ called his disciples, they left behind and sacrificed a great deal, to follow him and be fishers of men with him. Something to consider in the week ahead is this: What have I left behind to follow Christ? Am I still clinging to an old life and old priorities that no longer fit with a life devoted to the King of kings? Am I fishing for others to follow Jesus?